Symposium Tracks

Workplace Learning
This track examines the workplace as a rich site for learning and considers the interplay of factors when work and learning connect. This would have impact on workers as learners and on employers as learning providers. The track may examine topics and questions in the following areas:

  • Workplace Learning in the Future
  • The Pedagogy of Workplace Learning
  • Enterprises and Learning
  • The Nexus between Work and Learning
  • Recognition of Formal and Informal Workplace Learning
  • Workplace Learning Affordances and Worker Agency

Technology-Enabled Learning
Technology-enabled learning may become one of the most prevalent modes of learning in the future, and this could potentially impact learners, learning providers, enterprises and beyond. Topics and questions in this track may include:

  • Mobile Learning
  • Technology-enabled Learning of the Future
  • The Pedagogy of Technology-enabled Learning
  • Learning through Social Media Platforms
  • Automation, Robotics and New Technology in Work and Learning
  • Technology-blended Learning in Enterprises

Career Counselling and Development
As new trends and developments emerge and with work and learning set to change as a result, career counselling and development will move in new and different directions. This track may examine topics and questions in the following areas:

  • Education and Career Guidance
  • New Approaches to Career Counselling and Development
  • Careers of the Future
  • Life Stages and Career Development
  • Theories and their Applications in Career Counselling and Development
  • The Future Roles and Identity of the Career Counsellor and Developer

Skills Utilisation
Skills utilisation frequently refers to how skills are used and applied at the workplace, and this could be examined at the levels of the enterprise, sector and economy. Topics in this track may include:

  • Enhancing Skills Utilisation
  • The Nexus between Work and Skills
  • Job Design
  • Business Strategy and Skills
  • Sectoral Skills Development
  • Skills Utilisation in Singapore